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Monday, May 26, 2008

Celebrating the Memorial Day

First, you may think about what Memorial Day is and why we celebrate Memorial Day? Well the significance of Memorial Day is to show honors to our perished men and women who have died during military service. And as a respect to our dead heroes, the whole state is celebrating a holiday. As American tradition most of the families are gathered together to have a barbeque. A lot of employees are not working because it’s a paid holiday as well. Anyways, in the Philippines the other term for Memorial Day is National Heroes Day. In which same celebration for those heroes who passed away conquering for the bondage of freedom. Thanks to our great heroes with their remarkable memories. Enjoy your holiday folks!

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jana said...

hows ur memorial day nang? hai karun pami naabut tawun gikan dagat whole day mi didto? hows fishing? hekhekhek