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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol: May the Best Man Wins.

Today is Tuesday. And the weather outside dropped down from 105F to 60F that means chilly outside meanwhile the American Idol show is getting hot. Well tonight the two finalists sang their best songs ever. They had three rounds in order to win the night. David Cook started rocking the stage with his brilliant booming voice while David Archuleta was capturing the audience’s hearts and gave ghost bumps to the judges. Basically, they both won the night for me. But the judges said there will be one American Idol, and they said David Archuleta wins the night. I felt bad for David C. because he was in tears tonight and he seems very sad. Don’t worry David C. I called five times and that was my vote for you! Well… well… well! Let’s wait the final result tomorrow at 9P.M Pacific Time.

1 comment:

Shern's mom said...

wow, 5 votes for David O. Too bad we canot vote from here, else I would love to vote too. for David Cook that is.