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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Are you traveling without your car?

Two months ago my husband got a notice from his lawyer about his lawsuit settlement. Eventually, he got his court hearing schedule on the month of May. He started booking everything one month ahead before his appointment, from his airlines tickets to hotel room reservations. And of course he needs a car for transportation back and forth to the hotel, restaurant and to the court everyday. He really needs to rent a car at this time because he realized how expensive it is if he’ll going to commute taxi everyday. He went online to rent a car. This car rental online got a lot of advantages besides they have elegant and new cars, they offered discounts too! My husband did his computation of how much he is going to save per day just for his transportation allowances. Do you want to know how much? It's just a minimum of one hundred and fifty dollars per day. Yet he got this car rental already so he will just spend 19.99/per day. So if you’re planning for a vacation go to a "car rental”, which is all for much less than you'd expect!

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