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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother’s Day Gift

Today is the day for all the mothers around the world. But I wasn’t feeling good to get up early this morning but baby Mickael woke me up before my alarm clock snoozed! Oh gosh… it will be a long day for me today. Anyways, I thought that’s the way on how Mickael greeted “Happy Mother’s Day” by waking me up early. Well I got something from my husband and Mom too. Here it is:

I got a surprised pretty and fresh flowers and a bunny. I wanted to be happy but I can’t resist being sad. Yes, I am a proud mom for I have a wonderful, adorable and precious son in my life. But I just missed my mom in Philippines. I tried to call her on her cell phone but nobody answer. I wonder why? As I kept on dialing her number eventually it says cannot be reached. Well, talk to you later mom I wish you have a Happy Mothers day!

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