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Monday, May 5, 2008

Coming Out Of Your Shell!

Every morning my husband used to tease me that I snored very loud when I sleep at night. But I never believe him until he showed me this stolen video of mine during the middle of my dream. And this video will shows you that I was sleeping good and snoring loud. Evidently our stereo in on at night and the music and my snore are fighting. And I am so embarrassed how much I’ve snored with my mouth wide open! Sounds like my lungs will come out from my chest! It’s unbelievable! Look and Listen to this!

I realized that I snored badly and sound horrible when I sleep. And my husband told me that I need to "BeOysterAware"! It sounds like slang to me and I was curious about it and I look up to the internet and I found this Gulf oysters helps me to be aware,be informed, be cautious,be smart and be sure that every time I go to bed I always make sure to hide my face like a Be Aware Oyster,then my husband can no longer take embarrassing videos of mine! And now I have this so called "coming out from your shell" personality.

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Ruthi said...

Hello, You are not alone, my hubby is also complaining about my snoring. I would feel bad about it sometimes because he snores big time too. I did plan to video tape him so that I could prove to him that he snores too but I never complain about it. Oh well, I already asked him if he will be divorcing me because of my snoring because I believe it could be a ground for divorce. He just laughed and hugged me and said, no way, I love a bunch. Have a nice day.