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Monday, May 5, 2008

Attention to all Mommies!

I Got a Problem with my baby! He is getting smart and this is a serious problem for me because every time I tried to feed him baby food He won't eat it. But when I eat my food he will grab it! And there is one time, I was eating bread for my breakfast and baby wants it instead of his own food. What I did was, I dipped a piece of bread into his food and feed it to him. Unfortunately, he knows that I put baby foods on it so all he did was gave me a bitter ugly face! And looks like he’s trying to say that "Mom I want real food! Your food"! lol But my baby is only seven months old and has no teeth for real foods! And now all he got is milk no baby cereals at all! I am a bit sad because he is getting sexy; I mean skinny, his weight decreased at his age right now! So, I am sharing this to all mommies, maybe you can share me your ideas, opinions on how to feed your babies before. I will highly appreciate your time!

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