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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I sign Up to SocialSpark!

Most of the time I easily get bored by just staring on my blog so I would love to explore new things in the internet. I log on to IZEA for my traffic ranking and it automatically sent me to a strange site. While surfing and looking around this SocialSpark community catches my attention and brings me to the point of creating my own account and profile. I keep on trying to explore more on what is in this SocialSpark site and I found out that this is a live blog earning site. Yes! SocialSpark site is a live blogging and earning community which all bloggers or advertisers will get everyone talking and everyone's connected. It is so very interesting to be one of them besides you can earn money; you will earn a flock of friends too! I surely got a lot of friends request on my email and this friendly gal at socialspark member with her blog in here, she's the one commented me in the first place. Everyday I got a bunch of emails from my friends at SocialSpark. And one time my friend jana invited me to join this socialspark, and I told her I am already a socialSpark member before she told me. For me, SocialSpark is a nice earning site because there's more opportunity for all. And this is so interesting, challenging and lots of fun!
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sagmondia said...

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Shirazi said...


I have taked this opportunity, written and posted on my blog but dont know where to submit the URL. Could you please help and let me know what to do next. Thanks.