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Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year’s Resolution!

Folk how was your Christmas? For me, something’s missing… I mean though I have my hubby and baby but still I missed my family back in the Philippines. It was kind of incomplete Christmas for me but I always look forward on the future to have my Christmas in the Philippines somehow.

Anyway, since Christmas had gone by but the smell of winter is still here and I can sense the New Year 2009 is coming up! So, did you prepare a list for your New Year’s resolution? Whoa… I guess we better start it now! For me, my best New Year’s resolution would be tighter in terms of money. I mean, I will try my very best not to spend money unless it is very necessary. And of course keep moving on of making some money for the future’s travel. lol

So now tell me about your New Year’s Resolution?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Get it CLEAR…It’s your Choice!

You might wonder what needs to be CLEAR right now. And to give you a hint, I am talking about your speedy fast internet connection without cords, no hotspots and no slow connection – wireless internet connection. Is it CLEAR?

Okay let’s make it more Clear for you! We are talking about connecting you to a super fast internet all over town. The Clear Network is powered by WiMAX, which is specifically designed for high-speed Internet data usage. WiMax is more powerful than WiFi. Clear’s network utilizes mobile WiMAX technology, providing customers with average download speeds initially of 2-4 megabits per second and peak rates that are considerably faster. Clear offers advanced high-speed wireless broadband services to consumers and businesses. The WiMax network, a step beyond 3G, provides unmatched network capacity to deliver next generation Internet access and applications. Portland is the first market to experience the speed, simplicity and affordability of 3G. And by using WiMax you don’t have to tied yourself inside with you bundled connection. Anyway, it’s your choice that's why Clear gives you options. Whether you need mobile Internet, home Internet, a short or long term commitment, they got it. It's pretty cool, just plug it in and go. You can always take the advantage of surfing the internet through your cell phone wherever you go.

Generally it’s our choice to have the freedom to do more, access more applications, and gives you more flexibility to have home speed internet on the go.

And now it is clear that you deserve to have a CLEAR technology access. It is simply amazing!

Merry Christmas!

The unstoppable Christmas breeze is approaching. The cold weather and snowflakes that it brings are coming like a rain pouring from above.

Are you ready for Christmas? Guest what? Ready or not, Christmas will come and I would rather enjoy and celebrate it. It is the very precious time for all God fear fellows to celebrate the God’s birthday. Christmas is the best holiday in my life that happens once in a year.

We just got our house Christmas decors up and a very tall Christmas tree. And I am looking forward to post a picture here as long as the fogs outside will go away.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Charter Gets You Connected!

I never want to be rushed for what I want to get or buy. But I can’t just ignore this offer from Charter provider which is very limited and it is just good this week. I read it from this site http://connect.charter.com/landing/cpg/learnmore_PPC.asp?ID=197&OriginatingID=420136 and I found that this is the best price deal besides they are going to give me a $250 gift when I order from them.

Not to mention, our current service provider collecting us more money. In fact they never give us a discount. So now I finally decided to switch and get the Charter Communications Ultimate Service Bundle for $165.97 and I can get this following:


*** High Speed:
10 Mbps High Speed
*** TV:
Digital Home
Charter HD
Sports View
Digital View
Showtime/The Movie Channel
Unlimited Calling
*** $250 Gift card with purchase AND lucky chance to win an X-Box 360 game console.

Switching to charter right now is the best idea because they are having a best price deal for black friday. And there is no way that I am missing this opportunity. This could be the perfect Christmas for me if I win the price!

And to join the sweeptakes go to this website: https://connect.charter.com/XBox/rules.html


Wonder Pet!

After losing our male dog, named Cal, all of us lost our hopes to find and see him again. We posted his picture everywhere. It is four days today of losing him. However, every one of us are mourning for his lost and thinking that he already froze his body. In fact it is 40 degree and below our specific weather here. It is definitely chilling and frozen climate right now.

About 5 o’clock tonight, my husband received a phone call informing him that someone found a dog, a wild dog that won’t come to someone else’s arm. Someone found Cal in their yard; Cal was pretty scared and cold. He has no eaten for four days, neither drinks nor water. One lady was trying to feed him a cookie but he never ate it.

And after that phone call, my husband was rushing to get Cal. When Cal heard my husband voice calling for hi name, he was rushing and jumped all tall bushes around the yard.

I just got home when my husband arrived from getting Cal back to home. His original color was white and light brown but when I saw him, he was a charcoal. But we were all glad to see him again because we all love him. In fact I called him a wonder pet because it is his fourth life now for struggling against death.