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Monday, December 1, 2008

Wonder Pet!

After losing our male dog, named Cal, all of us lost our hopes to find and see him again. We posted his picture everywhere. It is four days today of losing him. However, every one of us are mourning for his lost and thinking that he already froze his body. In fact it is 40 degree and below our specific weather here. It is definitely chilling and frozen climate right now.

About 5 o’clock tonight, my husband received a phone call informing him that someone found a dog, a wild dog that won’t come to someone else’s arm. Someone found Cal in their yard; Cal was pretty scared and cold. He has no eaten for four days, neither drinks nor water. One lady was trying to feed him a cookie but he never ate it.

And after that phone call, my husband was rushing to get Cal. When Cal heard my husband voice calling for hi name, he was rushing and jumped all tall bushes around the yard.

I just got home when my husband arrived from getting Cal back to home. His original color was white and light brown but when I saw him, he was a charcoal. But we were all glad to see him again because we all love him. In fact I called him a wonder pet because it is his fourth life now for struggling against death.

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