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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Online High School Class

Have you ever heard that not just college student has online schooling nowadays? Sounds right! Your kids can go to an online high school too! All you need to do is register yourself to Brightstorm. But before you do that, better you read a brief description about the site.
Brightstorm is an online education site that has great courses for high scholars. They provide a course of subject we dread the most like Geometry, Algebra and Writing Skill. This site really is beneficial as you don’t have to register every course they have. To learn more, you can pay for very minimal fees to choose subjects you intend. They provide every individual an opportunity to learn from the world’s best teachers. From around the country, they have assembled recognized teachers to develop video-based classes, personalized formats, which are offered in short.
The courses itself cover the core topics commonly taught in high school subjects. Well, brightstorm had designed to help students to reach their full potential in classes where they need additional help. In addition, they provide a new channel that enables great classroom teachers inspire millions of teens with their expertise, lesson plans and unique personalities. To know more about the brainstorm techniques, just visit their site and also check out the Sign up for a free brightstorm account page.


Cal is GONE!

Cal was gone last Thanksgiving day. He escaped on the widely opened gate in the side of our house. Every one in the household had spent time on looking for him. But Cal is gone.

Yesterday my husband posted some Cal’s photos on the telephone post.
And now is the second day since Cal was gone and if nobody kept him warm, pretty sure he won’t survive with this cold weather.

Not to mention Cal is our lovely dog. I’m hoping he is in a good hand!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Personalized Gift Ideas

Are you clueless of what’s the best gift for your special someone, friends or relatives for this coming big holiday? Well, think about of such things that they will often use for work or daily routines. Christmas is unstoppable! It simply means you got to wrap some gifts for them. I will give you an idea on what to pick or get for them that will make them happy and feel special. If I were you, I would rather get them this following:

For a student- Personalized Pens, which has 3 unique styles, multiple colors and a FREE line of personalized laser engraved text for just $1.59 after its discount.

For a businessman- Business Card Flash Drives - the perfect gift for the business person or administrator in your life! It looks like a business card but the back side hides a small USB cable (huge 2GB capacity) and the front side can be engraved for FREE with 3 lines of personalization text! Starting at $15.99 after discount.

And lastly for a computer lovers- a Wooden USB Flash Drives - environment-friendly, wooden design with attached cap and two color choices. Available in 2GB and 4GB capacities with 2-sided custom laser engraving absolutely FREE! Starting at $15.99 after discount.

Does it make sense for you? So I guess you have a little gift ideas for this holiday.

You better hurry because Pexagon is offering 20% off 4 awesome personalized holiday gifts ideas! This will take effect now until the end of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I woke up late today since I don’t have to work. I was just enjoying for my free moment. The whole family was busy while I was taking care of my little guy. And for a sudden everybody was freaking out because we lost our two doggies. Someone must have left the gate wide open. So the dogs were taking their time to escape away from the house. We went almost around town just look for them but couldn’t found them. Our uncooked turkeys in the pots were scratched and baked late. Eventually half hour my brother found the female dog, sadly we never found our male dog. I was so sad because my little guy loves to play with our lost male dog. Hope someone found him and keep him warm for the whole night.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Obamanomics Campaign!


The United States of America has crowned a new president in the name of his Excellency Barrack Obama. Yes, Obama is our new President. Some people wondered why and how? And in fact anti- Obama’s were unhappy and upset to hear about it. Oh well, how can they missed it that it was so obvious that McCain ran a terrible campaign. His devoted campaign manager should be kicked out. The answer of your doubtfulness on how Pres. Obama won the presidency can be found here at Obamanomics. This report has detailed information on how Obama won his campaign. It will show you the most of big reasons why McCain was destroyed is the fact that Obama took advantage of his social media, but McCain acted like it didn't exists. Obama nominated on the web and polled by over millions compared to McCain. Maybe it is because McCain's campaign manager didn't inform him the importance of the social media. There were many things on social media that helped Obama with his campaign season. Some embedded thousands of video clips from private supporter’s cameras of Obama's speeches and rallies. And how about McCain! Where was McCain?

For more details and information, please check at Obamanomics. You will find it very interesting and you can gather more relevant information.


Blog for Money!

If you know me personally, you know that occasionally, I blog for money. This means writing about certain products and receiving compensation for it.
Well... Somehow I had 4 opportunities that I had reserved went available all at the SAME TIME this morning, which means I have to write about all of them in a 12 hour period.
This means... This blog will be spammed with paid post... Well...It sounds cool... That means more money to spend and more gifts to wrap for.

Anyways, I need to start thinking and make some short story for my blog post then I can go somewhere else with my baby sometime today. I would likely relax my brain for a while. Or maybe I have to spend a little bit time for shopping with my son.

Bear with me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Naked Brothers Band’s New Movie

Are you familiar with this Naked Brothers Band? Alright, these brothers are just in their teenage years and they showed their best talent with their band. Namely Nat (13years old) and Alex (10 years old) Wolff, the owner of Naked Brothers Band, they are the stars of Nickelodeon's hit show. Alex is a gifted drummer, and Nat's trademark voice and original song writing have earned them millions of fans worldwide.


And I am announcing that this coming Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, don’t forget to tune in to live chat with Nat and Alex Wolff, or NatnAlex.com, of the Naked Brothers Band, as part of their TV new premiere, Operation Mojo. The Naked Brothers Band: Operation Mojo is part documentary and part rock-documentary musical comedy of the TEENick movie series.

As an overview: Nat has lost his Mojo and needs to get it back. Alex plans to help him get it back. The only problem is Alex can't do this alone and he needs our help. He wants us to click on the picture so we can help him get Nat's Mojo Back.

We have few ways to help and support them. First, they want us to tell at least FIVE people about their Operation Mojo which in the premiere on November 22 at 8:00 PM Eastern time on Nick. Second, we just have to subscribe Nat's Youtube channel and make them as our home page.


Does Too Much Fiber Makes you Fart?

Having a well-balanced diet means eating a lot of vegetables and fiber. And eating a lot of fibrous foods can—let's be frank—make you a bit... gassy (hehehe) Am I right? Not only can it be pretty uncomfortable, but it can become a bit of a social hazard. Believe it or not, we know. No one wants a new nickname that rhymes with "party."

But never fear! According as what I have read, if you increase your fiber intake by only 1 to 3 grams of extra fiber a day (eventually building up to a total of 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day), your body will adjust to this new, good-for-you, high-fiber diet and produce less gas. In the meantime, you can always try paying a visit to the pharmacy for some over-the-counter relief.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday Atmosphere Savings in Branson!

Looking for a special place for your family gathering, reunion, vacation, birthdays or any special occasions?

So now is the perfect time to save more money because something “special” going on in Hilton Hotel at Missouri for holiday saving in Branson! They offers holiday special and packages for your whole family to enjoy with.

In fact, the whole families were planning to have a one-time vacation for this winter. Just to enjoy the warm holiday atmosphere at Hilton Hotel in Missouri.


I’ve been daydreaming for the excitement and whimsy of the holidays comes together in Branson, Missouri. This season, enjoy your Holidays in the Midwest’s entertainment capital and customize your stay with exclusive holiday packages at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. Select any of these four themed packages The Thanksgiving Package, It’s a Wonderful Life Package, Santa’s Coming to Town Package or the New Years’ Eve Package where spa treatments, family style dinners, and visits from Santa and Mrs. Claus themselves are just the beginning of what these two hotels have to offer. By day partake in the spirit of the holidays with light displays, shows, parades, and the old time charm of Branson. By night retire in the luxury and elegance of either the Hilton Promenade or the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. Whether it’s the nostalgia of boundless scenic views in the Missouri Ozarks or the excitement of world-class dining and entertainment, this is the perfect setting for your holiday celebrations. The Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel are managed by Hilton – the first name in hospitality.

I am looking forward for this year’s vacation will be the most interesting one throughout my whole life! I can’t wait to be there!


Money Making Online

I was worn out from work and so sad for missing some opportunities on my money making blog. Actually, I earned more than blogging if compared in my actual job, which is very stressful. Anyway, I’d been hopeless for almost a month now because payperpost kicked me out “flagged” my blog for a lifetime. But I know the world never ends here. So I decided to build a new blog to reapply at payperpost soon. And hopefully they will let me in someday.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flat Belly Diet for free!

Are you suffering for having rolled-layered fats in your belly? Or sometimes we felt uncomfortable of wearing skinny or tight clothes or dresses. So why not try to get rid of those stubborn fats? The Flat Belly Diet will help you to overcome your diet problems. It’s the diet that everyone's talking about. It specifically targets that stubborn, hard-to-shift belly fat that plagues so many of us. Proudly developed by the editor of Prevention Magazine, it's a scientific program based on eating mono-unsaturated fats at every meal. By following the program, you could potentially lose up to fifteen pounds of belly fat, in just thirty two days.

The Prevention Magazine is currently looking for interesting people to try the Fat Belly Diet free of charge, and to blog about their experiences through their website. Plus, all participants will also receive a free Fat Belly Diet book, a free 1 year subscription to the website, and membership of the exclusive Success Story Club.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Flat Belly Diet for me is the fact that it doesn't need to do backbreaking workouts. And you don’t have to worry about your food consumptions every meal. You can eat as much as you can with in these five delicious MUFAs and assured to keep your Flat Belly Diet.



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dental Check Up and Cleaning

Out of rushing hours and limited time, we only spend little time for our teeth. Yet, they play the most important role for us. In fact brushing for one hour is not sure enough that your teeth are clean. That’s why we need to visit our dentist once a year for check up and cleaning.

Evidently, I just had my dental cleaning today and it’s good for one year. I was so surprised out of those hard brushing and flossing everyday. Honestly, I still missed something in my teeth that can possibly cause tooth decays. So, the dentist scraped some rough (sandy texture) out from my teeth and put fluoride in every tooth.

After all the little pains, it really feels so great and confident to smile!

Sproutwells jump on the FreshFund!

Would you mind to take a moment to watch this short video?

Now as you have successfully watched the whole video, it simply tells us that The Sproutwells are just a representation of healthy vegetables for your salad and they showed us some behaviors of some addicts and devoted users of freshfunds whom gets a high, a total rush on bidding, wiggling and sitting on the edge of their seats, bidding like there is no tomorrow.
I, myself admitted to be a well known techi-holics in the family but the minding at the prizes that you can win on FreshFunds.com, it is worth a look and joining up. Honestly, my family on the other hand is about 90 years behind from the high technologies and got some problems even operating the keyboard, they surely needs some miracle!

So folks now is the right time to join the fun, games, bidding and adrenaline rush and healthy eating, such as Chiquita Fruit, Veggie Bites, Fresh Express Gourmet Café Salads and Fresh Express Packaged Salads this will give you point to get them prizes, What prizes you ask? It’s your turn to find out here at sproutwells and freshfunds!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free Filipino Music Streaming Online

As part of my discovery on surfing on the internet, I got an interesting site for all Pinoy and Pinay abroad. I knew that by just hearing our country music will make our soul happy. And because it’s our seal and we are proud to be Filipino!

And here’s the site http://www.ictmati.com/Radio.html. I used to listens this music on my days off from work. And it really eases my homesickness. It feels like I was just doing my house chores in the Philippines. I usually go to ifm Manila and greeted some friends around the world. Try to listen those memorable country music that you’ve missed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vista Print the Reseller

Vista Print offers printing your small businesses for a very low price. They help to promote your business around the world. It’s a great deal for small business will grow bigger. They also offers website designing and domain hosting with one time $25 membership fee plus you can get one month free trial in your lowest 4.99/month package.

Be a part of Vista Reselling Program and take the advantage!


Just Moved!

Last month was the busiest month of my life. We moved all our stuffs to our new house. It seems like thousands times loading and unloading some household stuff. It wasn’t fun besides it was a messed. But for the long run, my husband did all the hard work, from lifting and loading to unloading them.

And finally everything is on its place. Though we missed our old house but it doesn’t matter because our new home is nice and NEW! The heating system works well and very comfortable to live in here.