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Monday, November 24, 2008

Obamanomics Campaign!


The United States of America has crowned a new president in the name of his Excellency Barrack Obama. Yes, Obama is our new President. Some people wondered why and how? And in fact anti- Obama’s were unhappy and upset to hear about it. Oh well, how can they missed it that it was so obvious that McCain ran a terrible campaign. His devoted campaign manager should be kicked out. The answer of your doubtfulness on how Pres. Obama won the presidency can be found here at Obamanomics. This report has detailed information on how Obama won his campaign. It will show you the most of big reasons why McCain was destroyed is the fact that Obama took advantage of his social media, but McCain acted like it didn't exists. Obama nominated on the web and polled by over millions compared to McCain. Maybe it is because McCain's campaign manager didn't inform him the importance of the social media. There were many things on social media that helped Obama with his campaign season. Some embedded thousands of video clips from private supporter’s cameras of Obama's speeches and rallies. And how about McCain! Where was McCain?

For more details and information, please check at Obamanomics. You will find it very interesting and you can gather more relevant information.


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