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Monday, January 13, 2014

NO Smoking in the Parks!

If I had the chance to write a note to the Health Department officials, I would definitely ask them to urged the banning of smokers inside those public parks. If health wise smoking is dangerous for the adults, how much more to those innocent childrens with fragile lungs? It happened to us several times, I took my child to a public park nearby and sadly we cannot stay any longer after smelling and inhaling those disgustingly nasty smokes. Smokers are usually smoking in the face of their kids without even thinking how it could affect their kids' lungs. I felt bad to those parents who are trying to kill their kids by burning their lungs early. I hope someday, someone will take charge of this issue. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

How to Prevent Identity Theft?

I have seen so many people that keeps posting their own personal/private identity via Facebook. Yes, I got it "bragging" of something they have accomplished in life, etc. But do we really need to take a picture of it, with the complete details and post on public sites? In fact, only those thieves that cares about those infos you have posted. Unfortunately, they are unaware of the risks that they are in. Documents that shows your identity or your child should not be posted on the internet publicly. Passports, licenses or ID's, green cards, phone numbers and home addresses should be fully protected at all times. I guess, they will learn somehow once they will get unexpected bills or someone's opening credit cards using their identifications that they have been sharing online. Folks, protecting valuable life informations is your own responsibility.

Energy-Saving Tips: Reducing your Electric bills this Winter.

Winter is the most expensive season.Yes, it is to me! It's not just because of Christmas shopping that we did but also when it comes to electric bills. Keeping the heater on all day means increasing the energy consumption of the household. And there is a way to cut back and lower your next bill by doing these list of smart-watt's tips: First, upgrading all the house bulbs into CFL's or LED, second, keeping the entire house sealed and keeping warm air circulating inside. Covering all possible cold air leakages and putting up clear and thick plastic on your windows is a big help. It might look 'redneck' style but think about the savings for the whole season. Lastly, don't leave the house without turning off your thermostat or at least decreasing the temperature. Now, what is your energy-saving tips?