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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Christmas Wish list

When I woke up this morning, I started to smell the essence of Christmas. Days go by, and Christmas is coming up again. I could resist thinking ahead of what to get for this Christmas. So I started looking up in the internet for some affordable stuff that I can wrap for their Christmas gifts. Gifts for Christmas always make December exciting as it is. It is our tradition to give gifts to our special ones. In preparation, I found this very helpful 2008 thanksgiving specials offer that will help me save a lot. And I already created an adult registry for Christmas. I decided to buy some stuffs before Christmas time. Then it would be cheaper than I expect. Anyway, the Christmas wish list that I have consists of everything for babies, for teens, and adults. And pretty sure everything will be more special this Christmas. I am just lucky to find and created my Christmas wish list earlier this 2008 thanksgiving specials. And do you want to know what’s in my wish list? All I can say is “secret” and “surprise” for everybody. And just wait until Christmas…

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Western Union in the Philippines “Something’s not right!”

Last month, my aunt complained about the Western Union in the Philippines for taking .30 from the money that I'd sent. And it happens again today. Last time I sent $250 to my family in the Philippines and this time I sent $200. My aunt is the receiver, she texted me that they took .30 out of $200 so she received 199.70$ which is not fair for me because I have to pay here just to send it and they are going to charge .30$ for receiving! What is that for?
It doesn’t make sense to me because when I send the money, they never told me that the receiver will be charged too. I know it’s just a 30 pennies but it’s an act of corruption. Everything begins from a little amount, but when you count it together, this can be BIG! Hoping for someone to explain this for me please… Thanks so much!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free Money

This morning before I went to work, I checked my PPP account and I saw an email to inform me that I have been paid for the referral. Actually I had invited my sister last month to sign up PPP. And because of that, I got paid $15 for the PPP referral program. I am so happy that there is a referral program at least I got something to earn while missing some given opportunities everyday. Actually this is much better than some adverts offers. Anyways, better than nothing! Thanks payperpost.com, I am getting rich!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

How to Prevent Cough and Phlegm

I am not a health practitioner but I guess it’s kind of favorable to share something you know and somewhat something helpful to the readers. Our human body cannot easily adopt to this sudden switch of weather-cold to hot- the tendency is your immune system will slump and you will easily get sick. Perhaps it is always better to know precautions and knows how to fight common illnesses. So let's proceed on how to prevent Coughing and knowing its symptoms. First, you need to know if you have these following cough symptoms like colds, sore throat, itchy throat and dryness of your throat. Secondly, if you think you have the one of them, it means it is the right time for you to react by drinking much water or juices rich of vitamin C. And if you think you cannot get rid of the symptom then grab an over the counter cough remedy, it is best if you can get DayQuil for day time and NyQuil for night time. I highly recommend Vicks product since I tested and proven it very effective. The NyQuil will help your body to relax during your sleep and just within 24 hours all colds and cough symptons will disappear.You can also get Children's Nyquil for your kids. For herbal coughing remedies, please Click Here!
Hope this information helps!

Hollywood Lovers

I just love listening music especially love songs. And one of my best song lyrics that I’d like is the phrase “You had me from HELLO”. It just sounds very lovely for me. I remember the days that I’d first met and talked to my husband. When we started to flirt each other, we stared our conversation with “HELLO”! And he got me from it. It was very romantic just like playing the Ultimate Flirting Championship.

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To flirt out loud is even fun sometimes I'm lost for words, making signs and flirting by the looks is so much fun especially when you get what you want in just a second. I always give my flirty smile, sexy look be unique and the price is yours.
Have you heard about Victory Hair? That's the Extreme Style by VO5, when flirting you need to look good, most importantly neat and sexy hair. Remember now, to be a successful flirting babe, you need to have the Look.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Sister

It’s been three years from now that I never seen my sister in personal. She’s currently in Korea. We communicate each other through chikka text messaging or yahoo once in a while. Sometimes I can’t get hold of her very often since I always stuck in my work. We talk through yahoo sometimes but it wasn’t enough I guess. And now is her birthday and I felt so bad that I can’t even give her a hug or treat her something special. But don’t worry sissy, I owed you for your next birthday. I’ll just give you my birthday gift when we go back to Philippines and see each other. It will be my treat for everything, okay? So, here’s a message for you sister, No matter what happens, you are always here in my heart! Best wishes in you birthday and always remember that I am always here for you! I love you…

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Strolling at Rogue Valley Mall

When I was in the Philippines, I and my friends used to stroll and spent the whole day in the mall. We can stay long like there is no tomorrow. We never spend too much money for something. All it worth is nothing, for a window shopping.

But since I got here it’s very rare for me to stroll in the mall. Today is a coincidence that I and my sister in law were both off from work. She invited me to go to the mall and get something for her husband’s birthday gift tomorrow. And by around 2:30 this afternoon her husband picked me up and took me to the mall. I met my sister in law at the mall with her baby and the stroller. And of course I had my baby and the stroller with me too. And we didn’t realized that we were there walking around for five hours but it seems like not even one hour for me. Time went by so fast and it was getting late so we decided to go home and fed our hungry and tired babies.

Anyway, the strolling and shopping was successful. And I guess we went there at the perfect time because they got buy one take one offers. I was very fun and we enjoyed it!

The Mama Gorilla “mourns”

I was reading the featured articles on Qwest this morning and saw this interesting topic. It’s about the Mama gorilla named Gana, (very close to Jana) carries her dead baby at the zoo, in western Germany. She was carrying her baby for several days. The Mama gorilla won't let go of her dead baby.

Isn’t it amazing? The Gorilla showed their great affections and love. And for me, this is a very good lesson for us people to think about and to reflect with. This encourages us to value our family and every one’s life.

Excuse ME!

Girl, what are you going to say to get the attention of the guy you’d like? Are you going to pretend and say “EXCUSE ME”! Do you love to flirt but your hesitant to show it? Do you have that victory hair that guys likes whenever you wave or sway it? Well, I have something for you! Did you ever hear the game that will show off your flirty moves? Extreme Style by VO5 just recently launched the Ultimate Flirting Championship where you can act as a judge and the other two players trying to flirt with you. It’s an online game where you can play all day long. Well, you just need to wait for the rest of the players to get connected before you can start playing. But when you get started you can exchange words and stuffs and see who’s the most flirtatious among you. The person who wins the game surely has the Victory Hair.
Are you wondering what a victory hair is? It’s just like you and your crush collide with each other and stared at each others eyes for a second but seems like to be a lifetime. Whew! For an instant that can surely melt your heart.

So what are you waiting for? Play the game now and make your victory hair for a lifetime.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Olympics 2008

The hottest Olympics ’08 event is very challenging. Most of the participants did excellent showdown. And based on the top FIVE Medal Count, the overall leads goes to United States, for gaining Gold = 26 Silver = 26 Bronze = 27 with the Total of 79 medals. And followed by China, Gold = 43 Silver = 14 Bronze = 19 with the total of 76 medals. The Russian is in the third place for earning Gold = 11 Silver = 14 Bronze = 18 and with the 43 total of medals. The fourth place goes to Great Britain, for having Gold =16 Silver = 10 Bronze = 9 and with the total 35 medals. And the last but not the least, Australia for having Gold = 11 Silver = 12 Bronze = 12 and with the total of 35 medals.

Go! Go! Go! USA Olympics '08.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I got paid at work every two weeks. And based on my year-to-date earnings, I already have $10,000+. Plus, I have a saving on my PayPal account from my blogging world. Basically, some will goes to my social security taxes. Anyways, I started my job last December 2007 and pretty soon my working anniversary date will come. And I am looking forward for my salary raise. I can’t wait to have my second raise and first paid vacation as well. Although, most of the time I easily get tired and bored but if the payday comes, it ignores everything. Payday means more money to spend for me!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blaze Media Pro Multimedia Software

One of my friends at work wanted to download music in her IPOD. Her husband got all kinds of music to be downloaded on it. And I think the memory of their IPOD wasn’t enough. So I introduce her to use burning tools for the music to MP3 to WAV in order for her to download those music.

Blaze Media Pro is a powerful all-in-one multimedia application that offers conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning, playback, and much more. Powerful, yet easy to use audio, video, and data CD/DVD burning are all fully supported.

Wireless Laptop Internet Connection

It’s been a year that I abandoned my laptop. It is INSPIRONTM 1420 from Dell. My husband got it for me last Christmas. This is my very first laptop ever. But there’s one thing that seems not right, I don’t like my wireless connection. Besides for having a slow connection, it takes forever to connect to the server. That’s why I abandoned my laptop. My husband was telling me to use it instead of using his PC but heck no way. I hate slow connection especially I have this PPP opportunities that need fast loading of the page.

Funny Jokes

Did you know that you need to smile once in while? Smiling can help you away from getting looks older than your age. Every time you smile, it strengthens those little tissues in your face. Smiling is the best cure of wrinkles. The more smiles you have, the lesser wrinkle you might have. Plus, the more friendship you got! So come and smile with me… Show your grin, giggle and laugh out loud with the Funny Jokes that will tickles you hard.

Take it Easy

Couple days ago, my mother-in-law freaked out because her email page won’t load up! She told me about it and I tried to fix it. But it seems to be a software problem, so I told her to better reinstall the software. She’d turn and off the computer but nothing happens. She always calls for my help every time something goes wrong with her computer. And sometimes I can feels like it’s my responsibility to take care of it. But it wasn’t! It’s very rare that I felt like dealing with computer problems though I know how to fix it but I just don’t like doing it out of my rest days. I really need to relax.

Finally, she called the internet provider and let them fix it. Thanks goodness! At last… she won’t bug me.

Anyways, dealing with computer errors and problem would be very simple as long as you read and follows the given instructions. Take it easy and smooth mother!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Discussion forum

Have something in your mind and you think it’s relevant to share to others? Why not share and discuss it and Post without Joining. You may help them through your ideas. Remember that no man is an island. All of us need someone’s advice. We always take everything from the expert. Share your ideas now and let’s unite our minds.

Free Filipino Online TV

Today is my Friday at work. It means tomorrow will be my day off! I can't wait to have my days off. What makes me excited is, I just discover this Filipino online TV and its broadcasting 24 hours. My sister introduced me this online movie two nights ago. Online Filipino TV made me updated of the latest events in the Philippines. You want to join with me? Look up this site in the online http://www.pinaychannel.com/action/viewvideo/3464/Pinoy_TV/. Good luck and enjoy watching my show!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Upgrade to Windows Vista

In relation to computer systems, the Operating System(O.S) acts as a host for all application that makes your computer to run and handle the details of the operation of the hardware. Basically it plays the relevant role in your computer because without it, your computer is dead. Some examples of O.S are Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and etc.

However having the oldest version of Windows O.S like Windows96 or Windows98 isn’t just enough especially if you use your computer for business. The effectiveness of your business depends on your OS! You need to be particular by upgrading it to Windows Vista- the latest version that enhances most applications compatibility, has a leading small business application, networking reliability, efficiency improvements, stronger security and more peace of mind. Plus, Windows Vista includes built-in accessibility settings and programs that make it easier for you to see, hear, and use your computer. This is very reasonable and helpful to people with visual difficulties, hearing loss, pain in their hands or arms, or reasoning and cognitive issues.

Honestly, I was unintentionally introduced to Windows Vista a couple of months. I haven’t use Windows Vista before, then my uncle called for help to install his new software for his own trucking business. He couldn’t figure it out so I stopped by his house and try to install it. As I started his computer, a welcome note from Windows Vista appeared then followed by the security log on. The environment was new but it was very user-friendly. So, it made easier for me to install the new software to the computer. In fact, they didn't even recognize that it was my first time to used Windows Vista.

Luckily, after that month was my birthday and my husband asked me what I wanted for my gift. I just simply told him that I wanted an upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista. And I explained to him that I was so sick and tired of freezing and interruptions while working with this computer. Plus, there was an irremovable virus on the operating system, and there was no virus scanner that could take it off. For a change my wished was granted!

We are currently working with Windows Vista. It’s fun and easy to use. And as a certified Windows Vista user, I hereby approved that "Windows Vista is the BEST!"

Does your operating system works well, fast and virus free? Why not to upgrade? Live it up with Windows Vista slogan “It is so easy just move to Windows Vista with confidence!”

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Friday, August 8, 2008

I’m Here for the Party

Today is my friend daughter’s birthday. I went there late this afternoon. There were a lot of foods and visitors. All of the foods look really good but I lost my appetite when I saw flies inside the house. It was just disgusting! I only had two bites and I was done.

I was there for a party, which means it was a perfect time for me to eat more because I made myself hungry. And it’s only once in a lifetime that all Filipino friends will have gatherings and party. Most Filipino goodies and foods were served.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Perfume Bay

As my beauty encounters different people everyday at work I need a little bit of everything to decorate my face. My simple secrets are light blush, lipstick and perfumes. And do you want to know where did I get these stuffs? Just for one click at bare essentials and you will bear with my secret essentials. Plus you can avail the free shipping on all orders of $100 or more. Remember not just for women’s perfumes and fragrances, there are men’s colognes too. So check it out!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day Dreaming

Flashing back the past, I remember when I was a young teenager and every time I had a problem or somehow upset I used to climbed up the mountain and breathe some fresh air from the ocean. Before, my young mind was dreaming to build a castle in the middle of the ocean.

I know it is impossible but I do believe that dreaming is free. I thought that living with water ambiance you was perfect without thinking of tsunami and other calamities. And those day dreaming totally eased my feelings right away. I was a weirdo. And sometimes I used to climbed on a guava tree… used to day dreaming while having a bite of a guava fruit. I used to imagine that those leaves will turn into gold then I can start building my castle. My young mind was living on my weirdest dream out of the blue. And I lived up with my dreams and goals in life but I wasn’t sure if I can really build the castle in the middle of the ocean. And In view of the fact that I am very far away from the ideal place of my day dreaming for building a castle.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sixty Six Film

Bernie – a twelve year old boy who is very ambitious and he always wants to be notice! Everybody seems to ignore this kid that’s why he envisions and begins to plan the perfect ceremony and reception, where everyone assembled will acknowledge his new status as a man. Unfortunately for Bernie, things don't quite go according to plan.

This summer, the makers of about a boy, will bring us a legend. SIXTY SIX is a coming-of-age comedy. SIXTY SIX opens in select theatres nationwide this August! This will be a comical and funny comedy for a young boy who acted to be a man.

To learn more about this movie, you can visit the Official Film Website of Sixty Six.

Summer Insect: Does they Bite or Sting?

Summer means fun – We love to spend more times outdoor such as camping. But be careful and watch out for those insects around us! Does the insect bite or sting?

Insects can be classified by whether they sting (venomous) or bite (non- venomous). Stinging insects include wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, bees and fire ants. Biting insects include mosquitoes, ticks, lice and fleas.

Many people worry about infection if a redness or swelling occurs from an insect sting. This is normal immediately after a sting and up to a few days later.

To avoid stinging insects:
• Don’t wear perfume or scented lotions.
• Control odor at picnics and garbage areas.
• Don’t leave soda cans sitting around.
• Avoid brightly colored clothing outdoors.
• Destroy all hives or nests near your home.
• Remove areas of standing water where mosquitoes breed.

And if you get stung, do the following:

• Remove the stinger.
• Apply topical hydrocortisone to stop the itching.
• Apply antibacterial spray.

So guys, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Avoid the don’ts and do the do’s. Just simply avoid the stingers and biters.