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Saturday, August 23, 2008

How to Prevent Cough and Phlegm

I am not a health practitioner but I guess it’s kind of favorable to share something you know and somewhat something helpful to the readers. Our human body cannot easily adopt to this sudden switch of weather-cold to hot- the tendency is your immune system will slump and you will easily get sick. Perhaps it is always better to know precautions and knows how to fight common illnesses. So let's proceed on how to prevent Coughing and knowing its symptoms. First, you need to know if you have these following cough symptoms like colds, sore throat, itchy throat and dryness of your throat. Secondly, if you think you have the one of them, it means it is the right time for you to react by drinking much water or juices rich of vitamin C. And if you think you cannot get rid of the symptom then grab an over the counter cough remedy, it is best if you can get DayQuil for day time and NyQuil for night time. I highly recommend Vicks product since I tested and proven it very effective. The NyQuil will help your body to relax during your sleep and just within 24 hours all colds and cough symptons will disappear.You can also get Children's Nyquil for your kids. For herbal coughing remedies, please Click Here!
Hope this information helps!


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