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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Upgrade to Windows Vista

In relation to computer systems, the Operating System(O.S) acts as a host for all application that makes your computer to run and handle the details of the operation of the hardware. Basically it plays the relevant role in your computer because without it, your computer is dead. Some examples of O.S are Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and etc.

However having the oldest version of Windows O.S like Windows96 or Windows98 isn’t just enough especially if you use your computer for business. The effectiveness of your business depends on your OS! You need to be particular by upgrading it to Windows Vista- the latest version that enhances most applications compatibility, has a leading small business application, networking reliability, efficiency improvements, stronger security and more peace of mind. Plus, Windows Vista includes built-in accessibility settings and programs that make it easier for you to see, hear, and use your computer. This is very reasonable and helpful to people with visual difficulties, hearing loss, pain in their hands or arms, or reasoning and cognitive issues.

Honestly, I was unintentionally introduced to Windows Vista a couple of months. I haven’t use Windows Vista before, then my uncle called for help to install his new software for his own trucking business. He couldn’t figure it out so I stopped by his house and try to install it. As I started his computer, a welcome note from Windows Vista appeared then followed by the security log on. The environment was new but it was very user-friendly. So, it made easier for me to install the new software to the computer. In fact, they didn't even recognize that it was my first time to used Windows Vista.

Luckily, after that month was my birthday and my husband asked me what I wanted for my gift. I just simply told him that I wanted an upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista. And I explained to him that I was so sick and tired of freezing and interruptions while working with this computer. Plus, there was an irremovable virus on the operating system, and there was no virus scanner that could take it off. For a change my wished was granted!

We are currently working with Windows Vista. It’s fun and easy to use. And as a certified Windows Vista user, I hereby approved that "Windows Vista is the BEST!"

Does your operating system works well, fast and virus free? Why not to upgrade? Live it up with Windows Vista slogan “It is so easy just move to Windows Vista with confidence!”

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