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Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Sister

It’s been three years from now that I never seen my sister in personal. She’s currently in Korea. We communicate each other through chikka text messaging or yahoo once in a while. Sometimes I can’t get hold of her very often since I always stuck in my work. We talk through yahoo sometimes but it wasn’t enough I guess. And now is her birthday and I felt so bad that I can’t even give her a hug or treat her something special. But don’t worry sissy, I owed you for your next birthday. I’ll just give you my birthday gift when we go back to Philippines and see each other. It will be my treat for everything, okay? So, here’s a message for you sister, No matter what happens, you are always here in my heart! Best wishes in you birthday and always remember that I am always here for you! I love you…

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Laarni said...

Sweet of you. Happy bday to your sister. :D