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Friday, April 22, 2011

Behind the Scene

I am just glad to found this missing chapter of my life again. Well, it's been quite awhile since I have not visited my footprints. Well, for almost two years, I bet. I was so busy with my career. Luckily, blogger did not have that inactivity tracking that will automatically disable the account which happened to one of my account on yahoo, they usually disable it, if the account user has not logged or active for awhile.There is a credentials for that. It really feels well to be back and got lucky I did not forget my password as well.

There are reasons why I needed this blogging. First, I could not figured out what was missing important Then, I came to realized that I need a place to where I can freely pour all my distress and boredom. And most of all, I need a reference behind me every time I take a step forward. It would not be just to ease the pain but the fun and freedom which really matters.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Exploring the Largest Cities in New Zealand

I was in a grade school when I heard about New Zealand. I had seen a lot of commercials on TV about this place and it was so cool especially during winter. Some cities are surrounded with the natures beauty. I always wish that someday somehow, I can visit and spend vacation even in "Christchurch", which is one of the largest city in the country. And I know that hotel and accommodation would not be a big deal because they got the best "Hotels " around the world and they constantly offer us with very reasonable prices. It will be absolutely priceless to visit such a great city like these:

And not to mention, the popularity of "Auckland" is one of the most tourist attractions. Its environment brings it owns life.

I have seen a lot of adorable pictures of these places and how I wish It could be a reality and not just an imagination. With all the excitement, I've been making researches for additional ideas for my future trip planner..

I have also learned about "Wellington", with extraordinary scenarios around the valley. Yeah! It could be the most remarkable tour around the world if I could fulfill my little wish. This such place would be very romantic for some couple as well. You will enjoy your holidays with their heavenly pure relaxation; dreamed of finding yourself walking on the green pasture, inhaling a fresh nature breeze and sipping a cool drink?

And below is the photo of the place that I heartily adore and wish to see and be there soon!

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