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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Can You Make Money on Blogging?

Nowadays, with these current trends in making money online, there are people who are in doubt about its certainty: Can we really make money out of blogging? The answer would be both. What a safe answer, isn’t it? Absolutely YES, if you spend more serious quality hours on blogging, then this so-called online marketing is clearly for you. But, if you spend only an hour or less on it, then unfortunately the answer will be NO. It’s more likely your actual job, the more hours you work - the bigger money you made, making money in blogging is not that easy task to do. But in the world of blogging, it requires effort and endurance. When I first heard about people bragging about their earnings through blogging, I was really hesitant to believe them. But when I saw this person’s actual earning through blogging, that time I was convinced to give it a try to create a blog to earn some pennies from this online market.

To be frank, it is a bit hard to establish the readership for your blog. You need to be “catchy” on every post. In this blogging speculation, we blog to drive this called traffic. The traffic of your blog will help you determine whether or not your blog is potential of making money online. You have to consider the percentage of your blog’s unique visitors. And if you only have fewer visits, then try to focus on gaining more traffic by enhancing your keywords in every post. That was the clear-cut mistake of my blog for two years. I was really excited to earn money and I did not realize I missed the proper optimization for my blog to drive a high visibility to those top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask.com, and Bing. So do you think you can make money on you blog? The answer will be: It’s up to you blogger. The more you blog, the more money to come!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Words with Friends (Word Game) Scrabble: Best Addicting Game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Now I just proved to myself that I am an addict. (Whoa!) Not just addicted to music but mostly online games. I was once hooked to Mafia Wars, Poker, Tap Zoo and Baking Life on Facebook. And there is a game that really got me right now- the “Words with Friends” which is very addicting word game. I definitely love scrabbles! Beside it helps me to expand my vocabulary. I play and learn new words every day. This is the only way wherein I have a chance to open a dictionary just to look-up the meaning of my opponent’s word. I started playing ‘Words with Friends’ with the free app and then I got tired of seeing those ads, so with no hesitations I paid the no ads version of it. I usually kick someone’s behind in every game. It is very challenging game, so if you get a chance I will be more than happy to play, just search for ladyblue_jean and let’s get it started like this.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Coffee Store Online: ROASTe

It's hard to start a day without coffee!

With just over a year under our belt, and with close to a thousand coffees, we are proud to have become the largest coffee store on the Web!

ROASTe is the one-stop shop for people who want the at-home gourmet coffee experience. ROASTe connects coffee-lovers to the greatest variety and selection of award-winning, micro-roasted coffee, premium brewing equipment and accessories, original coffee content and a vibrant coffee community.

User-generated reviews, and intuitive search and recommendation features offer consumers an unparalleled ease of selection. Fresh coffee is shipped directly from our micro-roasters, making ROASTe the next evolutionary step in the world of gourmet coffee consumption at home.

ROASTe is the only ecommerce site offering user reviews for micro- roasted coffee. User reviews have proven to be a key online sales driver, which explains ROASTe’s high conversion rates.

ROASTe Promotions:

- Free Shipping on order $35+
- Use coupon code for $5 off your first coffee purchase- BLOGME5

Friday, August 12, 2011

For U.S Credit Help, Call Lexington Law @ 877-232-1182

Need a credit repair? Don’t let your debt file up! Act now and Let’s get help to fix your Credit and Get Rid of That Debt. The Lexington Law is a firm that complies with CROA (Credit Repairs Organizations Act). Plus, Lexington Law is the America’s leading firm on credit repair that helps million of people who are financially in trouble. Take the advantage by getting a FREE Professional Phone Consultation with Lexington Law. Call this Toll Free Number – 1-877-232-1182 and get the best credit solutions you're looking for! Don’t be afraid to try for a solution, you’re just a phone call away to get a ticket for Financial Freedom…

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Online Culinary Arts

If you are deciding for a career to take, culinary arts degree would be a good choice. It could be real fun especially if you love cooking. Don’t you just love doing the things you really like to do? Well, think about it! If all people will go to school and wanted to be doctors then who will feed those doctors? There should be a cook that will keep the kitchen smoking. For me, nothing can beat this course since every one of us eats three times a day! And nowadays, you can either go to school or get an online culinary art program which is very efficient and time saving. This is a good way to enhance one knowledge and skills related to culinary arts. There are number of culinary art program that aims at home cooks instead of professional cooks. So, it is up to you whether you want to be a home cook or to become a Pro, our goal is learning how to cook!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PageRank: Using the Proper Keyword to Boost your Ranking

For over two years, I have been waiting to get a PageRank on my blog. And I am thankful to all the unique visitors around the world for typing-in the right keyword that directs them to my post. And luckily, I did not just get a rank but PR 2. Thank you so much Google.com! But this thing would not be possible to happen without putting a little effort on it. I did not learn on how to use the proper keyword for my post until I was introduced to Samurai. A powerful tool for keyword-finder uses your term to search the web, extract the relevant keywords from top successful pages returned and sorts them by frequency. Most likely, Samurai is the most efficient tool for this besides it is so easy to use. The Samurai will help you determine and choose a popular and unique keyword, which is the main reason how I boost my Page Rank from zero to 2. If I just have known this keywording idea before, I might be doing better than PR2. So far, I am happy and proud for this little achievement. And I wanted to share a piece of advice to my co-bloggers: Even if it is just a personal post make it real and put the searchable keyword on top of it, then you will see the difference!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Unlimited Text, Talk and Web Plan with Net10

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.

 I have been blogging about my music addiction and obviously you can really tell that I love music as well as singing but music and singing, both hates me. So other than “music craze” which is absolutely depressing since I cannot sing I also love my mobile phone which includes talking, texting and the most addicting part is the web surfing to get socialize with Facebook. And the cool thing about my phone is I got unlimited plan which is absolutely unlimited. And when you hear the word “unlimited” it also means you do not have to worry about hidden charges or overages. So would it be cool if you have unlimited plan in your phone right now? Yeah, I bet you would say so! That would be like going to a buffet, get stuffed and pay the exact cost per head. But the thing is mobile phone is more costly than having a meal especially if you do not know how to compare prices. But when you get to realize the waste you did not see before then you would definitely have to get what I got. I have Unlimited Net10 Plan which is a great deal. Plus, you get nationwide coverage and unlimited talk, text and data, for $50 a month. This is pretty cheap if compared to some cellular providers. The Net10 has no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. It has the great nationwide coverage and excellent reception/connectivity. Finally, Net10 only uses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. And switching your current plan will definitely makes you see the Light of savings. To learn more about their special offers and 10 Reasons to make the switch to Net10 , please click to view this video    and this will explains the savings when you changed your plan with Net10. And listen some feedbacks from the real NET10 customer

This is how the Unlimited Net10 works:


Monthly Plans:

• The Easy Minutes Plus plan is an automatic minutes plan that starts at $15.00 for 200 minutes.

• With Pay-As-You-Go Plans, your minutes carry over with active service.

• Unlimited Minutes, Text and Web for $50.00/month.

• Switch between plans each month to suit your budget and airtime needs, without penalties or fees.

• Airtime can be purchased online, at a nearby store, or directly from your phone.

International Long Distance:

• Long Distance Service is available to over 75 countries, for about 15 cents per minute on calls originated in the US.

• International Neighbors program is currently available to Canada and Mexico. This program gives you a special phone number that your family and friends can use to reach you at your NET10 number.

Phone Selection:
• Simple phones for simple needs, calling and texting capabilities for under $15.00

• Phones with essential features, such as camera, video recorder, blue tooth capability, mobile web and more for under $40.00

• Full QWERTY keyboard phones, slider phones, and touch screen phones, with all the basics plus great app capabilities, camera and video recorder, web access, etc., available for under $60.00

To all the real NET10 customer: You can follow Net10 in Twitter and click to view this video  to  to learn more about Net10 Unlimited Plan.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Facebook: The ePhoto Album

Think of the last time you compiled pictures in a photo album and handed to show it to your close friends? Absolutely nothing can beats that old fashion way. Yeah, I grew up with such custom! I remembered my mom showing me those faded family pictures that I cannot barely recognized my face. She often showed it to our relatives and friends. Do not get me wrong they’re all precious keepsakes but the color itself won’t lasts longer. So I am so grateful that Facebook exists, and you can upload pictures as many as you can.

As you read this, you may be opening another browser just for Facebook and with your face stuck looking at the monitor all day long. And to tell you a funny story about photo albums, it happened last week when we had a gathering in my friend’s house. One of our friend started browsing those wall pictures and I came up with a question. Why do American people loves there faces being hung in the wall? I just don’t get it sometimes but what is the used of mirror? Anyway, one of my friends was asking for photo albums and my other friend said “It’s on my Facebook”. That was priceless! People nowadays really don’t buy photo album anymore. Absolutely! Why waste money if you can get the Facebook for free with a better picture? Think about getting involved with high technology world, its just sure fun!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

American Idol Live Tour 2011

Last July 09, 2011, the Top 11 American Idols were performing live at Rose Garden Portland, Oregon. I have been dreaming to see them to perform live. And it was right after Mother’s Day; my husband surprised me with the idol ticket good for two. It was like a real dream come true to see my idols. So we got the ticket a month before the show and got everything arranged perfectly. We always drive to Portland and it usually takes five hours from my current location, it depends on the traffic flow. And just to avoid traffic rush, we decided to drive a day early. We got there safe with the adrenaline for the show. The most awaited day has come, the good thing it was Saturday so we could have the next day off. We went to the venue for at least two hours early before the show. And we have waited in line for an hour before we could take our designated seats. And finally after like a very long hours of waiting we saw and enjoyed the lively performance on the stage. The cost of the tickets, the long drive and some travel expenses are really worth it! I captured some photos and videos but I decided just to post one of each kind for this event.