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Thursday, August 4, 2011

American Idol Live Tour 2011

Last July 09, 2011, the Top 11 American Idols were performing live at Rose Garden Portland, Oregon. I have been dreaming to see them to perform live. And it was right after Mother’s Day; my husband surprised me with the idol ticket good for two. It was like a real dream come true to see my idols. So we got the ticket a month before the show and got everything arranged perfectly. We always drive to Portland and it usually takes five hours from my current location, it depends on the traffic flow. And just to avoid traffic rush, we decided to drive a day early. We got there safe with the adrenaline for the show. The most awaited day has come, the good thing it was Saturday so we could have the next day off. We went to the venue for at least two hours early before the show. And we have waited in line for an hour before we could take our designated seats. And finally after like a very long hours of waiting we saw and enjoyed the lively performance on the stage. The cost of the tickets, the long drive and some travel expenses are really worth it! I captured some photos and videos but I decided just to post one of each kind for this event.

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