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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Facebook: The ePhoto Album

Think of the last time you compiled pictures in a photo album and handed to show it to your close friends? Absolutely nothing can beats that old fashion way. Yeah, I grew up with such custom! I remembered my mom showing me those faded family pictures that I cannot barely recognized my face. She often showed it to our relatives and friends. Do not get me wrong they’re all precious keepsakes but the color itself won’t lasts longer. So I am so grateful that Facebook exists, and you can upload pictures as many as you can.

As you read this, you may be opening another browser just for Facebook and with your face stuck looking at the monitor all day long. And to tell you a funny story about photo albums, it happened last week when we had a gathering in my friend’s house. One of our friend started browsing those wall pictures and I came up with a question. Why do American people loves there faces being hung in the wall? I just don’t get it sometimes but what is the used of mirror? Anyway, one of my friends was asking for photo albums and my other friend said “It’s on my Facebook”. That was priceless! People nowadays really don’t buy photo album anymore. Absolutely! Why waste money if you can get the Facebook for free with a better picture? Think about getting involved with high technology world, its just sure fun!

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