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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PageRank: Using the Proper Keyword to Boost your Ranking

For over two years, I have been waiting to get a PageRank on my blog. And I am thankful to all the unique visitors around the world for typing-in the right keyword that directs them to my post. And luckily, I did not just get a rank but PR 2. Thank you so much Google.com! But this thing would not be possible to happen without putting a little effort on it. I did not learn on how to use the proper keyword for my post until I was introduced to Samurai. A powerful tool for keyword-finder uses your term to search the web, extract the relevant keywords from top successful pages returned and sorts them by frequency. Most likely, Samurai is the most efficient tool for this besides it is so easy to use. The Samurai will help you determine and choose a popular and unique keyword, which is the main reason how I boost my Page Rank from zero to 2. If I just have known this keywording idea before, I might be doing better than PR2. So far, I am happy and proud for this little achievement. And I wanted to share a piece of advice to my co-bloggers: Even if it is just a personal post make it real and put the searchable keyword on top of it, then you will see the difference!

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