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Friday, August 26, 2011

Words with Friends (Word Game) Scrabble: Best Addicting Game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Now I just proved to myself that I am an addict. (Whoa!) Not just addicted to music but mostly online games. I was once hooked to Mafia Wars, Poker, Tap Zoo and Baking Life on Facebook. And there is a game that really got me right now- the “Words with Friends” which is very addicting word game. I definitely love scrabbles! Beside it helps me to expand my vocabulary. I play and learn new words every day. This is the only way wherein I have a chance to open a dictionary just to look-up the meaning of my opponent’s word. I started playing ‘Words with Friends’ with the free app and then I got tired of seeing those ads, so with no hesitations I paid the no ads version of it. I usually kick someone’s behind in every game. It is very challenging game, so if you get a chance I will be more than happy to play, just search for ladyblue_jean and let’s get it started like this.

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