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Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to get a Job Promotion

Yeah, I'm back to blog my exciting moment. I will then tell you a bit of my job promotion story. And through this way you will get some relevant ideas on how did I get it.

I have been working for quite three months and got promoted right on my 90-days. Actually, my current job is a bit complicated compared to some jobs out there.Imagine of having five different managers on a department and those five will drive you crazy. But all it takes is "hardwork". Just show them that you can absolutely handle a task with or without supervisions. I definitely impressed them with my work performances. And that's how I got promoted. I am so happy and proud about it!

Friday, January 30, 2009

My Shopping Cart Online

For me going to the mall is just a waste of gas, time and money. Plus it isn’t easy to carry my one year old baby. That’s why I decided to change my lifestyle for a little bit. Instead of going somewhere else I just stayed home with my baby and make everything comfortable and easier by just one-click of my mouse, I got all I want from my favorite SHOP.Com store. It is the best convenient way for me and I definitely save more money. This is the best online store that I can refer to everybody. This online store merged about 2,500 stores including your favorite store with their best clearance prices. Shop.com helps customers find the best deals online with a easy-to-use shopping comparison website and access to coupons, special discounts, free shipping offers and more. Shop.com's shopping experts scour the internet and work with stores in order to bring the best deals directly to their customers. Shop.com offers products in every category including clothing, electronics, furniture, house wares, kids, gifts and more. Shop the big clearance sale going on now: http://www.shop.com/clearance+sale-a.shtml. Isn’t amazing? And now you can just stay home and shop at Shop.com and get all you wanted then save more money!

Monday, January 26, 2009

From a Distant

It’s been a while that I am outlying my blogging stuff. Besides of having too much fun and a very hectic schedule from work, my blog has been set aside and close to be forgotten. But somehow even away from my desktop, my mind kept creating something relevant for my blogging career. Eventually I came up with creating a new blog besides this old one. And I decided to make the general term for purposes. It might not be perfect for you but it makes sense to me. It definitely makes everything broad and can be able to accommodate anything that will connects me to blogging. My best title for my new blog is “My Point of View” and for now it is still under construction.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Horse Vaccines

The cold winter and sudden changes of the outside climate can make our beloved pet sick. Especially those outdoor pets like horses; they are vulnerable with this cold season. And keeping them healthy is our aimed. The “horse vaccines” is very important for your horses to fight against seasonal sickness and flu viruses. The Rood and Riddle Veterinary Pharmacy(RRVP) will provide unequaled compounded medications to maintain the health and fitness of you pets. They work closely with veterinarians to provide the highest quality products and medications to make medicating equine patients easier and more effective. As well as, they provide unparalleled service and customer support at competitive prices. For more information and benefits of their genuine products, you can visit online at the official website http://www.rrvp.com.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shopaholic Person

Guess what? I just found out that I am one of those shopaholic people. I mean it’s not a bad thing for me at least I can see that myself worth for it. But the thing there is do I really need it? Or I just like it?

There it goes! I was surfing online earlier at my favorite store macys.com and saw a bunch of nice clothing and tops. And I can’t just resist it, they were adorable and I knew I like it. And there it goes again… by just a click of my mouse… here’s my additional credit to be paid. Oh well… trying’ to build more credit score anyway so it’s still worth it!