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Friday, August 15, 2008


I got paid at work every two weeks. And based on my year-to-date earnings, I already have $10,000+. Plus, I have a saving on my PayPal account from my blogging world. Basically, some will goes to my social security taxes. Anyways, I started my job last December 2007 and pretty soon my working anniversary date will come. And I am looking forward for my salary raise. I can’t wait to have my second raise and first paid vacation as well. Although, most of the time I easily get tired and bored but if the payday comes, it ignores everything. Payday means more money to spend for me!


Mummy SHENG said...

A fabulous weekend greeting from LATVIA! :)

HulaGirl said...

printshop22 ako gamit buy pakug photoshop, hoi kalain oi gi kuha nimo imung tag board? bati

Lynn said...

Exactly! Everybody loves paydays! Lol.

Thank u for the visit, Jean. Happy weekend!

Kerslyn said...

wow! yaman mo na sis. Have a great weekend!

Nancy said...

Everybody loves payday!

Doing my rounds here today, Jean..
Have a relaxing weekend!

Lynn said...

Hello Jean! Thanks for the vote. Di na nga ko nagka campaign eh kasi talo na ko ni Rose. Hehe.

Happy weekend!

Jemi said...

Wow, can we have a treat :) just kidding. congrats on your sahod and savings from blogging

Rolly said...

Well done day. Kanunaya na para daghang sapi ba. Maayo pa ka.
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vhincent said...

got curious, are you just working online? how did you do it? any tips?

pa-cheeseburger ka naman!

burger burger burger! hehehe