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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day Dreaming

Flashing back the past, I remember when I was a young teenager and every time I had a problem or somehow upset I used to climbed up the mountain and breathe some fresh air from the ocean. Before, my young mind was dreaming to build a castle in the middle of the ocean.

I know it is impossible but I do believe that dreaming is free. I thought that living with water ambiance you was perfect without thinking of tsunami and other calamities. And those day dreaming totally eased my feelings right away. I was a weirdo. And sometimes I used to climbed on a guava tree… used to day dreaming while having a bite of a guava fruit. I used to imagine that those leaves will turn into gold then I can start building my castle. My young mind was living on my weirdest dream out of the blue. And I lived up with my dreams and goals in life but I wasn’t sure if I can really build the castle in the middle of the ocean. And In view of the fact that I am very far away from the ideal place of my day dreaming for building a castle.

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