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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Energy-Saving Tips: Reducing your Electric bills this Winter.

Winter is the most expensive season.Yes, it is to me! It's not just because of Christmas shopping that we did but also when it comes to electric bills. Keeping the heater on all day means increasing the energy consumption of the household. And there is a way to cut back and lower your next bill by doing these list of smart-watt's tips: First, upgrading all the house bulbs into CFL's or LED, second, keeping the entire house sealed and keeping warm air circulating inside. Covering all possible cold air leakages and putting up clear and thick plastic on your windows is a big help. It might look 'redneck' style but think about the savings for the whole season. Lastly, don't leave the house without turning off your thermostat or at least decreasing the temperature. Now, what is your energy-saving tips?

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