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Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year’s Resolution!

Folk how was your Christmas? For me, something’s missing… I mean though I have my hubby and baby but still I missed my family back in the Philippines. It was kind of incomplete Christmas for me but I always look forward on the future to have my Christmas in the Philippines somehow.

Anyway, since Christmas had gone by but the smell of winter is still here and I can sense the New Year 2009 is coming up! So, did you prepare a list for your New Year’s resolution? Whoa… I guess we better start it now! For me, my best New Year’s resolution would be tighter in terms of money. I mean, I will try my very best not to spend money unless it is very necessary. And of course keep moving on of making some money for the future’s travel. lol

So now tell me about your New Year’s Resolution?


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