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Monday, May 26, 2008

If These Pants Could Talk!


Some people are picky in terms of clothing. And some people don’t know the smartest way of buying clothes. They don’t even know how to match it.
Let’s talk about my favorite work pants. At work we are required to wear black pants and among five of those black pants that I have, only one is my favorite. It is branded as Dockers. I love to wear it besides it is elegant, it is comfortable too! Isn’t it unfair to my other black pants? If these pants could talk, I’m sure they will complain against me since I am bias to them. So thus my favorite Dockers pant because I always wear and wash it. But there’s one thing that I’ve observed with my Dockers pant, the color won’t fade away. And that is really amazing because they look brand new ever.

What is your favorite pant? Can you let them talk? Now it’s your turn to talk about your favorite pants. C’mon and show it to the public. You can create your own stories as video and upload it to the Dockers TV Commercial Contest. So what are you waiting for? Let the show begins. Join now and be a lucky winner of Dockers contest!

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