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Monday, May 12, 2008

Stat tracking website for golfers

Summer is here. And lots of people will love to play outside because it is warm enough and very nice. Just like my husband he always takes advantage of summer time by going to a golf course and play golf with his brother. As I’ve remembered he took me golfing last summer too! And it was my first time to be in golf. And it was fun! Anyways, I’m not good enough with it but my husband is! He loves to play golf. He always had fun besides he is really good with it. He always showed me his score after the game. It’s just on a sheet of paper and sometimes it’s not convincing for me. So I told my husband that he can visit oobgolf.com and track your game.

The www.oobgolf.com is a stat tracking website for golfers that currently serves over 100k golfers monthly. The site allows golfers to keep track of their scores and golf statistics as well as find courses, playing partners and new equipment. For him, golfing is his best recreational sports.

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