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Monday, May 12, 2008

American Idol Update

Today is Tuesday and tonight the top three was having a battle of their voice. Three of them did pretty good job. But of course only one will be crown as “American Idol”! Based on tonight show, Simon said that David Cook wins the night. Woo! Anyways he’s my bet to be an American Idol this year. Well, he got the voice and the look for being a star. And he always rocks like a star. And the second place will be for David Orchuleta, he got a competitive voice too and of course superstar looks. And I like Syesha Mercado, she got a brilliant voice and she got the beauty too. Sometimes I contemplate about them and if I were to judge, all three of them will stay on the stage forever! Well see you again tomorrow for the next American Idol more update.

How about you who is your bet? Who will be an American Idol 2008?

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