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Monday, May 12, 2008

My Baby is My New Alarm Clock

For the past couple days, I was trying to set my alarm clock at eight in the morning. I felt very exhausted from working too hard so I decided to slept good. I really need to get even eight hours sleep to restore my energy that I’d exert from working. So before going to bed my goal is to sleep well. But I wish I can have that luxury since my baby alarm clock will always ahead to hit my face and grab my hair just to make sure that mama will wake up. Every time I looked at the clock “OMG” its seven in the morning not even eight. Common baby lets go back to sleep! Well it’s always be a long day for me at work again. From now on I don’t need to set my alarm clock because my baby will be my alarm and of course he’s getting clever he knew how to wake me up!

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