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Monday, May 12, 2008

New Media Expo 2008

The 4th Annual New Media Expo 2008 is a popular convention for online audio and video creators that brings together podcasters and bloggers from around the USA (and the world, actually!)

This year, the Expo is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on August 14-16. Already, attendees from 35 states and 22 countries have registered to attend.

The New Media Expo is different than most events you've probably attended. Here, you won't find any boring panels with boring speakers pitching their own companies and pontificating about the business-side of the business. The Expo is a hands-on, exciting, "how-to" event with practical conference sessions about how to produce high-quality online content, grow a loyal audience, and market or monetize that content in creative ways.

Who attends? The approx. 3,000 attendees that come to the Expo each year consist of four main groups:

1. Individual media creators who are producing content for the web for their own ventures, as freelancers or as hobbyists - and are coming to learn how to create better blogs, podcasts and online video.

2. Corporate content creators and marketers attend to learn how to create audio and video content for marketing or internal training and get educated on strategies for advertising within online content that will resonate with their customers and prospects.

3. Media buyers, public relations firms and advertising agencies attend to learn about the latest trends and develop partnerships with groups 1 and 2.

4. Educators, universities and institutions attend to learn how to best extend the classroom and use audio and video as an e-learning tool.

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