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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Free MP3 Ringtones!

Getting tired of listening with your old standard mobile ringtones? And why not upgrade and personalized it with your favorite music for free! Introducing Tonzr is an amazing new free ringtone web site that I created as a personal project in my spare time. It has since become much more than a personal project, and has nearly 6,500,000 ringtones! There are no catches or gimmicks. Tonzr provides you with MP3 ringtones (also known as "realtones") for FREE. That's right, free; and when they say free, it means free. No hidden charges or monthly subscriptions. In fact, Tonzr has absolutely no affiliation with ANY wireless carriers, so we couldn't put charges on your bill, even if we wanted to.
Tonzr is a new web site providing free access to MILLIONS (6,357,782 and counting) of MP3 ringtones, or "realtones". To begin using Tonzr, follow these three easy steps:
1. Search for an artist or song title above.
2. Preview the ringtones by clicking the play button to the left of each result.
3. When you find the ringtone you want, click the title of the track and have it sent to your phone!
So what are you waiting for? Let’s take advantage and get free ringtones online. It is absolutely free!

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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely awesome! I've been looking for a way for my kids to download ringtones without it costing a fortune. They like to change their ringtones often (and so do I) so this site is great. And so easy to use. Are you sure it's really free???