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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Money Earner Mom

Honestly it took me a while for this post. I was thinking about what to share and how can I convince all mommies around the world to blog with socialspark. But I don’t need to make it difficult; all I need is to share you the truth. And the simple honesty that comes from my heart. Telling you the story between me and the SocialSpark, they made my whole life sparks!
I am a blogger and a working mom. If I don’t go to work I’d spent my time facing my SocialSpark account. Trying to take advantage for those featured opportunity they have. And every time I got an opportunity they will automatically create it for me. And whenever I have a post my blog they updated it, and one thing for sure, SocialSpark never takes forever. Every time I posted my blog they will automatically review it and approved it right away by chance. Ever since, I’ve started blogging I fall in love with social spark because I become socialized to all bloggers around the world and I’ve earned enough money for my lunch. Working outside is really a hard work. That’s why I prefer to stay home and blog with money at SocialSpark while taking care of my baby. Here in SocialSpark you can get easy and real money. SocialSpark, SocialSpark… You are the number one in my heart!

So I would say that SocialSpark is great for Mommy Bloggers. And to all mommy bloggers come and join us! Let’s make more extra money to raise our kids and prepare for their future.

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Em said...

hi jean! im here samok2x:).. just done on this opps and got approve not i been waiting for like 3 days now for more opps and im getting bored of waiting:)