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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Panic Attack of the Day

We went to the store earlier today just to make sure that I won’t miss to send the money again. My husband let me drove to the store five miles away from the house. I walked in the store and grabbed the sending money form and took my wallet out from my purse trying to get my debit card.

But I can’t find my debit card, I started panicking that time. I thought maybe I lost it, or dropped it somewhere and somebody might use it as a credit card. My entire nerve was shaking and I felt uncomfortable but my husband told me to just continued filling up the form and he’ll just pay for it, then after sending the money we’ll find for my card. But I told him to do the form while I was flipping my purse and my wallet. It wasn’t there at all! I was totally nervous. My husband called my workplace if they found someone’s debit card but they said they didn’t. It wasn’t fun for me. So after we sent the money, we hurriedly head on our way home. I stepped out from the car and went straight to my room and thanks goodness because my debit card was just misplaced. It was on the top of my dresser. That made me felt better today.

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