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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Speaking of Different Languages

What kind of language did you used to speak? When I was working earlier I was thinking about different languages and I thought this will be a nice story to write and talk about. How many languages did know that you’ve speak even just a little? Well, asking about me since I was a kid I’d learned three languages namely: Visayan, Filipino or Tagalog, and English plus I’ve learned a bit Korean language and Mexican. Having different languages is very fun. It isn’t easy to learn but the key concentration is building your patient. You might ask what’s the important of other languages and why should learn them? Well, done! Basically you can use it to please people who don’t know English or your own language. For instance, when I was working in the store today I have a word for the day and it’s a Chinese word “polier”. There was a Chinese gal in the store and she asked me about “polier” sesame seeds. And I have no clue what she’s looking for. So I’d tried to let her to give me the English term. Evidently, she didn’t knew the English word for it and one of her company showed up and translated “polier” into English which is means “black”. And now I got it. She was looking for a black sesame seeds. Every time I think about it, it’s just cracks me out.

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