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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Registry Search Engine

I have a friend at work and she’s expecting her first baby this September. And I was thinking about what to get for her baby. So I started looking up online and in different stores. And I found this AmazingRegistry.com is a gift registry site where people can see baby and wedding registries from multiple stores in one place. Engaged couples and expectant parents can create accounts to direct people to their registries. And they offer the following:

 When buying gifts:
• Looking to buy a gift for someone off of their baby registry or wedding registry, but don't know where they're registered? Use AmazingRegistry.com's gift registry, baby registry and wedding registry search engine. It searches many stores for you.
• All the gifts from all their baby registries or wedding registries from all their stores appear on a single page
• Gift purchases are seamlessly processed through the actual store, and are immediately shown as purchased on the baby registry or wedding registry
 When registering for a baby registry or wedding registry:
• No longer limited to one 1 or 2 stores - create as many baby registries or wedding registries at as many stores as you desire and just tell people you registered at AmazingRegistry.com
• See what was purchased, when, from where, plus many other useful facts about your combined baby registry or wedding registry
That make sense for me so I created my own account and then I can just select out of those 17 stores that they are linked with. And it makes everything easy for me because they’ll just connect you to the different stores and you’ll be registered automatically. Sounds so cool! And I have to invite my friend to create an account for her Baby Registry.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to amazingregistry. It's very useful for baby registry searches. I found it the same way you did.

Theknot.com provides a similar search engine for wedding registries. They can search dozens of stores, more than amazingregistry, but restricted to weddings only.

Thanks again!