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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Building a Happy Family

For me, a word "family" is defined as a foundation for a good society. Every family is different, with different personalities, customs, and ways of thinking, talking, and connecting to one another. There is no one "right" kind of family. But whether parents are strict or lenient, boisterous or calm, home has to be a place of love, encouragement, and acceptance of their feelings and individuality for kids to feel emotionally safe and secure. It also has to be a source of don'ts and limits. As I’ve remembered during my childhood days our parents served as the guiding light. For an instance, having our meals; as one family we were gathered together to have dinner. And if one family member is not around on the table so we will find them until the chairs are fully occupied. It was just my parents’ beliefs on finding time to eat dinner as a family has a host of benefits that go far beyond nutrition. Kids who eat with their family do better in school and are less likely to smoke, drink, do drugs or get into fights than those who are left to their own devices come dinnertime. And of course we enjoyed it since we used to shared jokes and any funny stuffs during the gathering. And honestly we have a lucky family since my parents weren’t strict at all not like the others do!
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