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Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer is Hot!

It’s been getting hot and hot this summer. Most people are enjoying their time in different ways. Some are taking advantage through their outfits. Talking about different attires this hot season, let’s talk about the way some people might wear of. What are you going to wear going outside or even shopping for this warm and toasty days? Well, I decently cover my private stuffs such as secrets and secrets! But in this wonderful world you can’t stop someone to wear their best attire for this season. For an instance, I saw a girl in the store today, I will estimate her age at 50’s and she was just wearing her short for her bottom and bra in her top! I can’t imagine her looks while she was just walking around the store almost naked. If I just had the camera with me, I would love to take her picture and post it for my blog. I and my manager was just cracking out seeing that old sexy lady, walking down the store with her tits poking out and her fat rolls were hanging out. That was a nightmare of the day! It was funny but horrible! I hope she saw her face in the mirror before she left her house. And to all summer lovers make sure to check your outfits in the mirror first before going somewhere else.


Jemi said...

that must be a sight ! where i live, i don't know when we're really gonna get the " real " summer. still chilly out here !

Kenji said...

Here in saudi, summer means temperature outside means, 46-51 degrees celcius!