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Friday, June 20, 2008

Figment of your Imagination

As I remembered when I was a kid, I really believe in magic. I love to watch magical shows. Just like a magician guy with his hat, and he created a white dove out of the paper inside his hat. I couldn’t figure it out how he did it! And my father explained it to me one time and he said it was just my illusion and those magicians are just quick enough with their hands. For me, it was very amazing!
And by the way, I can’t wait to witness Believe: A Haunting Journey Inside the Mind.
The overview for this show is: CRISS ANGEL Believe will be a haunting exploration deep inside the inventive mind of mystifier Criss Angel as he hovers between the land of the living and a surreal world uniquely woven together by the distinctive imaginations of Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil.Unlike traditional magic-themed shows, CRISS ANGEL Believe™ transcends any preconceived notion of what it means to be emotionally engaged by the arts of mysticism and illusion. Imagine a fantasy, an allegory, a highly theatrical tableau of mood, reverie and emotion set against a backdrop of dreamlike darkness and light. Criss Angel stars as a surreal, enigmatic Victorian Noble. Along a path of imaginative exploration, he encounters Kayala and Crimson, two women who represent different aspects of femininity, four bizarre Ushers, who will introduce the audience to the baroque theater of Criss’s mind and a high-energy troupe of characters and dancers who mix a multitude of styles into a high-energy visual feast, punctuated by moments of grace and sensuality. The stunning illusions in CRISS ANGEL Believe™ will not be presented as standalone elements, but as interdependent components using heightened imagery, fantastical creatures and impossible feats of legerdemain, all of which will be integrated into the dazzling, colorful fabric of the story.
For more information you can visit Luxor Hotel and Casino for Hot Las Vegas Entertainment! Tickets available now! And to win for 2 free tickets you can join the contest by just texting ‘Believe’ and send it to 22122. Be a lucky texter!
Sponsored by CRISS ANGEL Believe

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