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Saturday, June 21, 2008

One in a Million Bloggers

Currently I am one of those million bloggers in the web. Honestly, I wasn’t aware about this blogging world before until one of my nice friends convinced me to join this career. She admitted that this could be addicted like a smoker does. And surely it does. Even though I was taking a shower but my mind was creating a post for my blog. At work, my mind is looking for a best title to be a post. Sounds creepy but its true! And a right and accurate term for this will be “blog addict”. However this kind of inclination is not bad for what I think as long as it’s is always in a right way. Such as, you will sleep well; eat right on- time and able to take a bath. Actually, this is just a reminder for my sister since I just recruited her to be one on a million bloggers. Let’s go girl!

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