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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sunglasses for Young Children

Did you know that your kids need sunglasses?

Absolutely, Yes! Children are at special risk from the harmful effects of UV rays because their eyes do no have the same ability as adults to protect from UV radiation. Here are some suggestions for choosing sunglasses for your children:

--> Make sure the sunglasses fit well,
--> Choose sunglasses that fit your child's lifestyle
- the lenses should be impact- resistant, and

--> Choose lenses that are large enough to shield the eyes from most angles and get a wide-brimmed hat to wear along with the sunglasses.

And most of all make sure that the sunglasses should block 99-100 percent of UV-A and UV- B rays. Protect the eyes of your children!

1 comment:

Sunglasses Guy said...

You make a really good point in this article.

It's too often I see parents walking around with sunglasses on, but the kid aren't. More people need to get used to buying sunglasses for their kids.