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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Common Driving Test Failure

Eventually I took my driving (hands-on-the wheel) test yesterday but unfortunately I got dock by my examiner. Actually I did great yesterday, I wasn’t nervous when I got there. I drove well and paid my attention to the examiner. Everything was doing all right and I was expecting to pass but then the examiner cited these following driving errors: rolling through in a stop sign, stopping in a sidewalk, and right of way to the others. I was so pissed yesterday since I was doing my best shot and the (gaga, dakog lubot, batig nawong!) examiner seems trying hard to find little error to fail me. Oh well, I’ve heard a lot of gossips about that girl (she’s so terror!). Okay, I will set an appointment for next test; hopefully I will have a smart and fair examiner. So better luck next time!


sandygean said...

haha la klaro oy ...imo unta to gikulata o kya imo gibangga ang sakyanan pra kabalos ka hehe

kim said...

i think that is their strategy not to let a first timer to passed the roadtest one time. that happens to me too when i took the roadtest the first time. i thought i am going to passed since that is the exact highway,interstate road, backroad that i was practising. but to my dismay he failed me i cried when hubby asked me if i passed and he was pissed off too since he knew that i will passed with flying colors. so the next time i took my roadtest i did passed to think that it was a different road and it was raining so hard i almost bump the other car. but thanks to that nice examiner she let me passed.
you can do it the second time and be careful. good luck!