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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I just vented

Have you been angry to your boss or anybody? It is rough huh, especially if you won’t get along with each other. Actually I was so mad to my boss last week. And I worked with her earlier today. She caught my unhappy looks. And she asked me, what was going on? I told her nothing. But she wanted me to open up so bad then she can fix it. But I was so scared to tell her that she is the reason why I wasn’t all right. And she did annoy me until I finally ended up telling her that she is the reason of everything. I told her that I was mad at her badly. She deserved it because it was her fault. And she apologized for everything and said “it wasn’t her intention to hurt my feeling” but she did!

Anyways, I finally got peace on my mind now! And she told me that from now on I am her right hand. I am the second command after her. That’s because as what she said, “I am a good worker and I am smart”. Oh well. You said so! Despite of everything, I am now promoted! Lol…

All I know is, I am happy to voice out my anger. And honesty is tha best policy.

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