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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MV Princess of the Star

A week ago, I was watching the international news on TV, and it just torn me apart to saw those fellowmen who were mourning for the reason that they lost their family whom was boarding the ship. Basically it was a tragedy for everyone. While watching on TV, I saw and heard one Filipina was blaming MV Princess of the Star ship company for letting the ship travel that day since they knew that the weather was getting bad. So bad! I felt bad about it and who else to blame now? It’s too late for those 865 people including the crew on board. And there are 50 survivors according to the Daily Inquirer news but it wasn’t enough, not even half from those passengers’ head counts. How about those children inside? Flashing back about this tragedy it will just give me ghost bumps! And as I reflected it to myself that I never ever want to die in the water since I don’t know how to swim so there would be no chance for me to survived if I was one of the passengers in the ship. But I’m sure some of them must have known how to swim and maybe they were just in the extreme of panic that time. So far, the lesson that I got from the news is not to travel on the surface of the water or having a trip in the ocean especially during bad weather. I might have to travel but only submarines and with my diving or snorkeling gadgets with me.

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Kenji said...

so sad. we pray for the souls of those who died...

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