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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Most Hated Insect in the World

Most insect loves warm weather. They were just everywhere and all around the places. Flies are very common insects at this time. And I hated flies. I was working and making pizza earlier and uncontrollable flies landed on the pizza dough. And I think they are the disgusting insect I’ve seen in my life. Besides when they landed in the food they’ll leave germs and of course left a baby worm. Isn’t it gross? They will always bugs me and drive me crazy. It’s been a while I haven’t had pizza because I knew and I saw those disgusting flies landed on the pizza places. I never eat pizza no more until this summer is done.

Look at this picture. What are you going to do if you will see these flies in your food?

Kill them please! Get a fly’s swatter and Kill them…

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