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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top 3 Workout Mistakes that Causes Metabolism to Slump

If you are working hard to bust some weights, the secret is a mix of steady-paced walks, fat-blasting intervals, and strength training that will melt away fat and send your metabolism soaring.

I was reading a write up this morning with the topic about on fitness tips on burning more calories. Seriously, I can't just keep it myself after I learned something new and I'm almost positive to share this information to my readers as well. I bet you, it wasn't just me who made these simple mistakes while working out and honestly I didn’t even know that I did.

Here’s an informative write up that I found on MSN FitBie section:

Mistake #1: You’re in an exercise rut

When you do the same activity day after day, week after week, your mind isn’t the only thing that gets bored—your muscles do, too. Whether you take the same daily 30-minute walk around the neighborhood loop, or do a few sets of the same old strength moves, after a while your body stops being challenged and your results plateau.

Correct it: Change things up. Go for a hike on the weekend instead of doing your usual power walk. Find new strength moves that work the same muscles. Try a new type of exercise by slipping in a workout DVD. Any little way to mix things up and challenge yourself with something new is a step in the right direction.

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