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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day “Great Ways to Say Thanks to Our Military”

Yes, it is Memorial Day- a very special way of giving recognition to our beloved countrymen who died from the battle for freedom. They died with pride on rendering their services and life for the nation’s glory. So, this is the moment for us to thank them and their family for the bravery and for the love of the country. It is not just about partying on the backyard and having a big barbecue but for some reflections and prayers for those heroes and to pray for the safety of those countrymen who are currently serving and protecting the freedom of our country.

Here’s a piece of an article I found on Taunton Daily Gazette posted on May 31, 2011:

To most, Memorial Day represents a day off from work and a chance to enjoy life with family. But on Monday, many city residents took the time also to recognize service members who lost their lives so that all Americans can be free.

John Leason took his young son Ryan to a Memorial Day recognition ceremony at Mayflower Hill Cemetery on Monday morning, precisely to impart that message to him.

“I’m concerned especially for my son that too many people regard Memorial Day as a day that starts off summer,” Leason said. “People think of it as about sales, and putting their boats in the water and having barbecues. Too many people have become disenfranchised from the military. But we are honoring veterans who died for this country.”

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