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Saturday, May 14, 2011

James Durbin GOODBYE to American Idol: It’s the SHOWs big Loss!

Couple days ago, James had left the idol show. But I know it was not just me who’s having hard time on “getting over it”. What if, you think about putting yourself onto James shoes, right now? Well, obviously for doing his best on the show, it might take years for him to recover. If I am having hard time closing my eyes after knowing he’s not going to win it- He must be having nightmares, too! I guess it would be worst for him. It could get any worse if it’s the counting system failure! Since “we” his avid fans were giving the best supports for him. I texted many times but I only got one confirmation message. Therefore, only God knows if my votes were counted!

Although, I expected him to be more famous than whoever wins the idol crown. But I cannot avoid thinking that he should win it. Or I should say this idol show is fake, America! For they kept saying, they are looking for the whole package. Hey, what kind of package? Stop and think for a moment! Can you describe the word “idol”? Great! In addition, choosing a person to become an “idol” should be a capable role model that possesses good attitude and prepared to take criticism- definitely not like Haley! Well, it seems like this idol thing is making me crazy so I decided to boycott idol, as well as their future shows.


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