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Friday, May 13, 2011


If you missed the elimination round of American Idol on last night's show, where they sent James Durbin back home, and then you would probably be glad you did! Particularly if, you are James die-hard fans, you would not get any good sleep thinking of your idol worst nightmare ever. The voting system, its judges and America- Big 'H' voters- are not fair. Since day one from idol audition, James Durbin’s performances showed the absolute, pure energy and remarkable talent on the stage. Most of the judges said "he's in it- to win it!” But where is it??? He never gets bad criticism from the judges. Since he was doing all his best for the show and he has never been in the bottom three either. He is the absolute SUPERSTAR!

Therefore America, this is the right time; it’s time to wake up! Let us show them that we are dismayed about the last night's result- for voted off and sending the wrong person home - JAMES DURBIN! And leaving us the spoiled attitude of Haley? There is no way! Although, I love seeing Scott and Lauren made to the top 3 but it will not stop me from doing this boycott. So please join me with this American Idol boycott “No more Votes!” and do not waste your money and time for this show. And we will see how it goes, and if the 72M of votes will not drop next week then they should fix there automated counting machine!

Read these Facebook users comments taken from American Idol official fans site that best supports for this boycott post:

“Georgianne Emily Olson: James should have been in the top 3. Haley did not deserve it. I can't imagine what went wrong with the voting public. I have lost interest in the remaining season and I know that James will go on to do well and hopefully be a superstar. He deserves it - He is the AMerican Idol.”

“Marty Dockter: Something is so wrong with the Show. I Think the Judges should pick. In affect they do by their statements about each performance. They gave James a bit of a less than good last week and see what happens! Judges quit swaying votes and when ...you marveled at Haley who is not near as talented look what happened. Sick of this seems so rigged. The only one that will make it in real world of music is James and Scotty and maybe a few for Lauren but Haley has nothing in her voice we have not heard a million others sound like"

“Debbie Beck: Yeah, and the wrong person was voted off!!! I guess America would rather have a self-absorbed little girl, who thinks she's the cherry on top of the cake, instead of a truly talented performer for our winner this year! WRONG, WRONG WRONG! James should be in the competition!”

“Beatriz Arabelli Flores: I cannot believe that No talented Haley still on where do America have their ears at. I guess American Idol stands for who looks good or who is more famous at the end the real artists will make it the popular will fade away. “


Anonymous said...

Debbie Beck is so right!!James was the highlite of the show. Our house voted more on Tuesday than any other day this season, for James! My husband (who hasn't watched since Daughtry was voted off) said NO MORE IDOL ITS FIXED!!
Best of luck to James the "star" of this year. Hurry and get that music out--We're all waiting with money in hand!!

Anonymous said...

Finally a place to leave a comment that won't be deleted! Yes, Idol has been deleting comments from their page--I got an email that an entire thread (not started by me!) was deleted by site moderator. Nice. America? This show is rigged, and I want to know how to get the word out to boycott. James was the best to come along in a long time!

Anonymous said...

AND THIS SEASON IS NO BETTER. This show is so fixed its not even funny. The judges and mentor have made it perfectly clear who is going to win, and have eliminated anyone that is competition to him. I have filed a complaint with the FCC about them not having to reveal the ACTUAL voting results.